4 January: Miss Paraplu, with Yedo Gibson at Winterwestaarts Festival, Amsterdam

12 January: Wonderland #62, OT301, Amsterdam

24 January: El Otro/Modern Flamenco atValreep, Amsterdam

2 February: Wonderland Oostblok, Amsterdam

8 February: Wonderland MLK, Amsterdam

21 February: collaboration of El Otro/Modern Flamenco with Iris van Peppen, Miri Lee and Maria Vittoria Jedlowski atthe Boiler Room,Utrecht

23 February: Memories, dance Miri Lee, M.Tessi, music Maria Vittoria Jedlowski, Freakatoni Whitchy Weekend at OT301, Amsterdam

26 February: Memories, dance Miri Lee, M.Tessi, music Maria Vittoria Jedlowski, Solos Night at OT301, Amsterdam

6 March: Event- Eyes Closed Rehearsal at Axis Arts Centre, MMU, Cheshire, Crewe

9 March: Wonderland, Doelen Theatre, Amsterdam

16 March: Wonderland #63, OT301, Amsterdam

20 March: El Otro (then Modern Flamenco) at Dokhuis Gallery, Amsterdam

28 March: Limbs, by Miri Lee, Video and Music: Jong Kag Park feat. Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi Dance: Miri Lee, Sylvain Meret, M. Tessi at 4bid Gallery, OT301, Amsterdam

6 April: Wonderland Oostblok, Amsterdam

9 April: Duo with Sylvain Meret at Creative Music Day, MLK, Amsterdam

3 May: El Otro (then Modern Flamenco) at Possible Memories, Tatwerk, Berlin

4 May: Improvisation performance. Dance: Akemi Nagao, Maya Carrol, M. Tessi Music: Hilary Jeffery, Arvind Ganga, Steve Heather at Mime Centrum, Berlin.

11 May: Wonderland #64 , OT301, Amsterdam

21 May: El Otro at Antarctica, Amsterdam

1 June: Wonderland Oostblok, Amsterdam

3-13 June: Beauty at Cloud Residency, den Haag

15 June: Wonderland # 65 OT301, Amsterdam

16 July: El Otro at Roze Tanker, Amsterdam

20-21 June: Beauty at Stripped Down Dance Salon, Perdu Theatre, Amsterdam

29 June: Destroy// by Leyya Tawil (Dance Elixir) Dance: Leyya Tawil, M. Tessi Music: Arvind Ganga, Jong Kag Park, Rogier Smal at Cloud, den Haag

4 July: El Otro at Vlla/Kulter, Amsterdam

6 July: El Otro at Blikopener Festival, Delft

9 July: Giving Up the Ghost. Dance: Kathleen Hermesdorf, Katie Duck, Sylvain Meret, Raoul Germano, M. Tessi Music: Jong Kag Park, Gerri Jäger, Jasper Stadthouders Lights: Ellen Knops at OT301 Amsterdam

21 July till 9 August: Improvisation Summer Course w. Katie Duck teaching and performing at Freakatoni Witchy Weekends at Studio Singel, Amsterdam:

27 July : Group Piece Concept Vincent Cacialano with Miri lee, Shelley Owen, M. Tessi

Music by Jong Kag Park at Studio Singel, Amsterdam

2 August: Duet with Miri Lee, M.Tessi, Music by Jong Kag Park, Alfredo Genovesi atStudio Singel, Amsterdam

8 August : Quartet with String Trio Dance M. Tessi Music Noortje Köhne, Nina Hitz, Bence Huszar at Studio Singel, Amsterdam

9-16 August: Teaching workshop dance improvisation at Buitenkunst, Assen, NL

28 August: Recital, Direction Katie Duck Music: Jakob Lekkerkerker Dance: Miri Lee, Justin Morrison, Esther Kaijm, Rahul Goswami, M. Tessi at Orgelpark, Amsterdam

21 September: Wonderland #66, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

11 October: Eyes Closed Rehearsal at TenDance festival 2014, Fondi (Rome, Italy)

18 October: Eyes Closed Rehearsal and other works by Vincent Cacialano, music Colin McLean, at Supercinema Tuscania (Italy)

6 November: first performance of series Musiktanznulldreissig, with Friederike Wendorf Onkel Gustav, Berlin

23-28 November: teaching at Area 59, Amsterdam

26 November: El Otro at Villak K, den Haag

28 November: Beauty by Paul Estabrook at Area 59 open stage, Amsterdam

1 December: Monday Match with Katie Duck, the Funeral

11 December: Musiktanznulldreissig at Onkel Gustav, Berlin

20 December: performance directed by Karen Harvey, Lake Studios, Berlin

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