Manuela Lucia Tessi is a dancer, teacher and maker based in Amsterdam and Berlin.  She holds a degree in Modern Dance from the Theaterschool in Amsterdam and has spent the last several years performing and touring her work. Manuela has recently been a resident at Lake Studios, Berlin, where she has developed new projects including the Weight of Words and MusikTanzNullDreissig, a monthly series of music and dance performances in various venues curated alongside flutist Friederike Wendorf. Live music, whether composed or improvised, plays an important role in her performance work.  Since 2009 she curates dance performances at cultural centre OT301 in Amsterdam with a focus on dance related to live music.

Since 2004 Manuela has studied and worked with renowned dancer Katie Duck, who has been one of her greatest creative influences as well as dancers such as Sylvain Meret, Miri Lee, Laura Moro, Makiko Ito, Leyya Tawil, Katerina Dietzova, Silvia Bennett.  She has been inspired by her work with with visual artists and lighting designers such as Emese Csornai and Ellen Knops as well as musicians Yedo Gibson, Alfredo Genovesi, George Cremaschi, Friederike Wendorf, Jong Kag Park a.o. and Arvind Ganga, with whom she performs in the duo El Otro.  Manuela is one of the core members of Wonderland collective, directed by Makiko Ito presented monthly in Amsterdam and various festivals in Europe and recently performed two solo works by Vincent Cacialano and Paul Estabrook.

Manuela has regularly thaught children and adult technique dance classes and improvisation workshops in the Netherlands . As a teacher she worked many years with the Russian School of Arts and Dansschool Mieke Roetman, Buitenkunst and Katie Duck’s Improvisation Summer Course.









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