Workshop ‘Imagination and Musicality’

Movement Composition workshop with Manuela Lucia Tessi and Thalia Laric

10, 11 ,12 December at OT301, Anamorphic Studio  – Amsterdam

11:00-14:00 Thursday and Friday /14:00-17:00 Saturday

Register and info:

Costs: E25 a day, E75 three days.
6 participants maximum per day
Let us know if you will be able to join the workshop for one, two or all three days.
Register before 4th December:
In this workshop we share movement research and scores drawn from our combined practice of making performance together. We consider improvisation techniques as a way of stimulating the imagination to create dances in real-time. Our aim is to create dances together through a focus on body and musicality. We move with each other in a way that we can really ‘hear’ the images that the dance is creating. We think of movement in terms of what it would sound like if it were music, and how the dance can be ‘listened to’. This focus on musicality brings a nuanced articulation to individual movement and a deepened listening in group compositions. The movement research that we propose comes from somatic imagery that softens the body into listening and expressivity. We will deepen into this embodied attention to open up easeful movement pathways. Working together as a group we will share musicality and imagination to create dances together.