Eyes Closed Rehearsal

Concept- Vincent Cacialano

Choreography- Vincent Cacialano with Manuela Tessi

Dance- Manuela Tessi

Music- Jong Kag Park




Up against a wall, I change direction and open my eyes. A subtle shift in attitude, it’s time to move on. I stumble along, walking in progressive circles. Choosing to black out and arrive to conjure up air.

‘Eyes closed rehearsal’ is an on- going process for creating various performances. There are several solo and group versions of the work. The work explores an abstract-narrative-sensibility, and involves the study of movement inspired by anatomical and physiological enquiry, and how one movement conjures up another. Intuitive scoring methods, based on improvisational logics that focus on the study of dance and music relationship, are used to arrange movement material in time.

Eyes Closed Rehearsal 2013 photo by T.van Loon
Eyes Closed Rehearsal 2013 photo by T.van Loon




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