UPCOMING PERFORMANCES (for teaching ad sessions see separate teaching page)

 11 and 12 January Animation Project, New work by Vincent Cacialano. Installation in the New Space of MMUCheshire, UK

-18 January  Wonderland OT301 , Amsterdam

– 29 January  Musiktanznulldreissig Performance Series  Club der Polnischen Versager,  Berlin- Set 1: Grapeshade #51 – Set 2 Dance: Irene Cortina Gonzales, Stefania Petracca Manuela Lucia Tessi Music: Paul Dill- guitar, Friederike Wendorf- flutes 

– 1 February  Monday Match Bimhuis, Amsterdam Curated by Katie Duck and Mary Oliver Performers: Katie Duck, Manuela Tessi, Miri Lee and Sylvain Meret Music: Mary Oliver – violin/viola, Yung-Tuan Ku – percussion and Jasper Stadhouders- guitar

-4 February  West Words – SLAAPodium Mozaiek, Amsterdam curated by writer Renée van Marissing with 7090 , cabaretier Jeffrey Spalburg, singer Suzanne Mateysen, het AGA visual artist Marcel en dancer Manuela Tessi. Directed by Kasper Kapteijn.

– 20 February Musiktanznulldreissig Performance Series Club der Polnischen Versager,  Berlin with The Instrument (Maya M. Carroll-dance and Roy Carroll- electronics), Emily Ranford, Manuela Lucia Tessi,- dance, Friederike Wendorf- flutes, Miriam Akkerman- flute and electronics, Marialuisa Capurso- vocal-Sun 6th March with PIO (Pražský Improvizační Orchestr)

6 March  with PIO (Pražský Improvizační Orchestr) Divadlo Ponec. Praha. With light designer Tomáš Morávek and movement artists  Jana Novorytová, Kateřina Dietzová, Manuela Lucia Tessi and Martina Hajdyla Lacová.  Music:  Michaela Antalová – perkuse Georgy Bagdasarov – barytonsaxofon Marcel Bárta – tenorsaxofon, George Cremaschi – kontrabas Jiří Durman – basklarinet, Ken Ganfield – elektronika, Veronika Hladká – housle, Ivan Palacký – elektronika a hlas, Vojtěch Procházka – klavesy, Petr Vrba – trubka, Michal Zbořil – elektronika hosté: Gianni Gebbia – saxofony

-21 and 22 March Wonderland in den Haag festival Twee Turven Hoog. Makiko Ito( dans/ régie) dans/ Manuela Tessi, Sylvain Meret muziek/Alan Gunga Purves, Yedo Gibson

-22 March For the Thumb and the Big Toe, piece by visual-performance artist Goeun Bae,festival FLAM VI, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam 

-27  March Perfect Nation IX – THE COMPLOT Studio At the Lodge, Brussels,by dancer and poet Billie Hanne Dance, Poetry: Ilse Van Haastrecht, Manuela Tessi, Billie Hanne, Meri Pajunpää

-28 March 2016 New Performance for baby’s “Koro Koro” Makiko Ito( dans/ régie) Manuela Tessi( dans) Kristján Martinsson( accordion fluet, voice, Alan Gunga Purves( percussions)

-17 April Wonderland #77 OT301 , Amsterdam

-29 April Musiktanznulldreißig- MT030 – Performance Series, Lake Studios, Berlin. With Renato Ferreira-doublebass and sax , Ben Brown- percussions, Friederike Wendorf- flutes, Nicola Hein- guitar , Yifat Cohen – voice Monica Gentile, Lena Schattenberg , Manuela Lucia Tessi and guest, dance lights Marcela Giesche

-2 till 13 May Profitraining teaching  at Dock 11 Berlin

-14 May Musiktanznulldreißig- MT030 –Performance SeriesTatwerk,  Berlin Duo: Adam Pultz Melbye- doublebass and Akemi Nagao-dance Quartet: Friederike Wendorf – flutes, Mata Sakka and Manuela Lucia Tessi – dance, Rieko Okuda – keyboard. Costumes by Federico Polucci Duo : Michael Vorfeld- percussions and Maria Ferrara – dance

-19 May MD301 Music Dance 301, OT301 Amsterdam. For a Gibbous Moon: Dance/ Makiko Ito, Sydney Jackson, Lily Kiara, Jessica Rajko, Stjepan Rajko, Michael Schumacher, Eileen Standley, Manuela Lucia Tessi Music/Wilbert de Joode, doublebass, Michael Vatcher, percussions Lights: Ellen Knops

– 22 May Wonderland #78 OT301, Amsterdam

– 11 June Musiktanznulldreißig Quartet  Kubig 400, Kulturbau im Grugapark Essen, with: Stefania Petroula and Manuela Lucia Tessi – dance, Friederike Wendorf – flutes, Stefania Petroula and , Rieko Okuda – keyboard. Costumes by Federico Polucci

– 19 June Wonderland #79 OT301, Amsterdam

– 27 June A collaborative work directed by Semay Wu, Arnold Schoenbergzaal Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag Semay Wu – composer/performer, Aurelie Lierman and Manuela Lucia Tessi – performers

-16 and 17 July, The Weight of Words, PuntWG Amsterdam Concept and movement: Manuela Lucia Tessi Movement: Kateřina Dietzová, Kristien Sonnevijlle Words: Reneé van Marissing, Johanna Gilje Visuals: Sarah Hermanutz

– July 18 till August 13 working at  Katie Duck’s Improvisation summer course Amsterdam 2016  

-5 August:  Freakatoni Witchy Weekends, Studio Singel, Amsterdam

Katie Duck, Mary Oliver, M.L.Tessi, Miri Lee, Jong Kag Park, Vilbjorg Broch

group piece with Christine Bonansea a.o.  

duo with Wilbert de Joode   

quartet with Eva Reichmuth, Annelie Koning/voice and Robbert van Hulzen  

-13 till 20 August : teaching at Buitenkunst Drenthe

-26 August: Performance project at Orgelpark – Amsterdam  Direction: Katie Duck and Jacob Lekkerkerker Performance: Alekszandr Szivkov, Lester Arias, Katie Duck, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Mary Oliver (violin, viola) Jerzy Bielski (electric guitar) and Jacob Lekkerkerker (pipe organ), Costumes: Elian Smits Lights: Trevor Grahl 

-5 September: Monday Match at Bimhuis, Amsterdam Curated by Leyya Mona Tawil and Rogier Smal Dance: Manuela Lucia Tessi, Carla Behal, Electra Kouloumpi, Leyya Mona Tawil. Music: Dirar Kalash sax/elektronics, Nora Mulder piano, Rogier Smal drums.Lights: Petyr Veenstra

-10 September Wonderland MLK – Maarten Luther Kerk, Amsterdam

-12 September Destroy //- at After the Last Sky festivalBallhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin. Concept and choreography: Leyya Mona Tawil Music: Dirar Kalash sax/elektronics, Mike Khoury, violin Dance: Manuela Lucia Tessi, Irene Cortina Gonzalez, Leah Katz, Akemi Nagao, Fadi Waked

-18 September Wonderland #80 OT301,  Amsterdam

-8 October   Wonderland MLK – Maarten Luther Kerk Amsterdam with: dance Manuela Tessi, Makiko Ito, Lily Kiara Music: Jodi Gilbert (voice), Michael Moore (reeds), Alan Gung Purves (percussions)

-8 October  El Otro at ADM festival

9 October  Wonderland Stadtschouwburg Amsterdam dance: Manuela Tessi, Lily Kiara, Makiko Ito music/Alan Gunga Purves( percussions), Ada Rave( Sax, Clarinet), Kristján Martinsson (piano/acordion/flute)

-12 October:  El Otro at Instant Music Day- Zaal 100 Amsterdam

-17 and 18 October:  Koro Koro at Betovering Festival, den Haag. A new work for babies directed by Makiko Ito with M.Ito, Manuela Lucia Tessi , dance, Kristjan Martinsson and Alan Gunga Purves,music

-23 October: Sirena at Teatro Munganga,Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs 1075 VP A’dam  Performance for children and family by Laura Lotti, harp and ML.Tessi, dance start 11:15 E 5

-30 October:  Wonderland in Maastricht, Theater aan her Vriijthof dance: Valentina Campora, Makiko Ito, Manuela Tessi music: Marcos Baggiani (Percussions), Felicity Provan ( Trumpet/ voice), Ada Rave ( Sax, Clarinet)

-3 November: MD301 Music Dance 301, OT301, Overtoom 301 1054 HW Amsterdam, 21:00, 7 euro Set 1: Duet Katie Duck and Mary Oliver (viola) Set 2: Direction and performance: Miri Lee in collaboration with Manuela Lucia Tessi Music: Jong Kag Park (electronics) Lights Ellen Knops 

-5 November: Impro3xgenerations at Cloud, den Haag 20:00

-10 and 11 December: The sensitive, sensible and sensuous body, 2 days workshop in Instant movement composition, ended with a performance with the paticipants13:00- 17:00 Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht € 85,- / € 75