All at Once

All at Once

Dance: Kristina Johnstone (ZA) , Thalia Laric (ZA) and Manuela Lucia Tessi (IT-NL) , Music: Coila-Leah Enderstein (ZA-DE) – piano and electronics

Lights by Jade Manicom (Johannesburg) and Ellen Knops (Amsterdam)

All At Once is a study of time using the concept of improvised unison.

How can four performers share a thinking place while composing sound and movement in a performance? The work conjures time as it asks the performers to be attentive to the present and near past as they try to predict the future. Through this attention to the tracking of time, a particular quality of presence is exposed.

All at Once has been created in Cape Town in October 2018 and performed at Witz University Johannesburg , OT301 Amsterdam (within Music Dance Performance Festival)  and will be reworked and performed again at Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Cape Town in March 2019.