Trailer of “The Shell” Manuela Lucia Tessi new solo work

“Unfolding” duo with Vilbjorg Broch and Manuela Lucia Tessi 

“Duo” with Thalia Laric and Manuela Lucia Tessi 

“Harmonie” -Nieuwe Noten- curated by Fie Schouten and Aspasia Naspouolu, Plein Theater Amsterdam 2021

Virtual Trio with Eileen Standley, Celeste Betancur and Manuela Lucia Tessi , part of Boiler Room Live Streaming Performances, curated by Iris van Peppen and Laisvie Ochoa, 2020

Opening Performance MusicDance Performance Residency Cape Town 2020

“Unfolding”  by Vilbjørg Broch and Manuela Lucia Tessi, Berlin 2019

Excerpt from “All at Once” Cape Town 2019

“Ikaros” by Aspasia Nasopoulou November Music 2018

Duet  Noortje Kohne and Manuela Lucia Tessi  OT301 2018

Duet Eleni Pantazatou and Manuela Lucia Tessi  OT301 2017

Trailer for “The Loom” quartet with Friederike Wendorf, Rieko Okuda, Mata Sakka and M.L.Tessi – Soundance Festival 2017

Music Dance 021 Cape Town 2018 

Duet Manuela Lucia Tessi and Friederike Wendorf, 2017

Musiktanznulldreissig Quartet presents “The Loom” for SOUN D ANCE festival Berlin, Dock 11,  2017

El Otro (duo with Arvind Ganga, guitar and objects)  at the Present is Present festival Amsterdam, May 217

El Otro (duo with Arvind Ganga, guitar and objects)  at City Arts Rotterdam, October 2016

Apache – Orgelpark performance project, direction Katie Duck 2016

Quartet (Musiktanznulldreissig at ImproXchange Festival Berlin 2015) Dock 11

Orgelpark Collaborative Performance Project direction Katie Duck and Jakob Lekkerkerker

Duo with Wilbert de Joode, at Freakatoni Witchy Weekend, Summer Course 2016

MT030 Performance Series, duo with Yifat Cohen, April 2016 Lake Studios Berlin

El Otro,  Berlin 2015 Arvind Ganga and Manuela Tessi

Funeral: (Monday Match December 2014) direction Katie Duck, music Nina Hitz plus guests

Eyes Closed Rehearsal- excerpt choreography Vincent Cacialano, music Jong Kag Park, 2014

A Pause- collaboration with Yifat Cohen, 2015

Recital: direction Katie Duck, music  Jakob Lekkerkerker/ Orgelpark 2014

INSTANT with Aspasia Nasopoulou 2010

3D choreography Manuela Tessi 2010

Improvisation with STRING TRIO : Noortje Kohne/viola,  Nina Hitz/cello, Bence Huszar/ 2014

EL OTRO (Modern Flamenco) with Arvind Ganga- 2014

BEAUTY by Paul Estabrook (interview-Cloud Residency)  2014

LUCHT by Miri Lee -2012

EYES CLOSED REHEARSAL (work in progress) by Vincent Cacialano 2013

ARTHUUR  with Studio Zijspan/Crew Collective 2012

MANSON #1 by Katie Duck 2012


DUE by Laura Moro-ICP 2011

MEMORIES w. Maria Vittoria Jedlowski, Miri lee 2014

SORE’ by Sara Agostini

QUIETING HEART by Leyya Tawil 2010

NOT [EXACTLY] HERE choreography Manuela Tessi 2008


PARANOIA by Katie Duck, 2013

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