Wednesday MD301 30 May  20:30 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam 

Set 1 – ‘Touch Sound’ Thalia Laric & Jonathan Nagel
Tones of touch form the blueprint for this sound and movement duet. Dancer Thalia Laric and bassist Jonathan Nagel explore the interrelation of sonic and physical events and their potential to initiate, influence and inspire one another. Lights: Ellen Knops

Set 2 – ‘Caminho mas não sou caminhante’
Dance – Ana Leonor Ladas Music – Michael Moore Lights – Ellen Knops A performance of dance, music and light inspired by the Portuguese revolution of 25 de Abril 1974.

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MD301 6 June   20:30 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam 

Set 1 – “tzZiiiY oioIyOyunn tzZiiTsieetit/iEidititssi” Arvind Ganga (electric guitar + objects) + Mavridou Maria (dance)

Set 2-‘Strange band’ Izabela Pacewicz – Wysocka, Sebastian López  Lehto, Naz Buhsem, Paweł Grala (dance) Noortje Köhne (viola), Tanaquil Schuttel  (voice / percussive instruments), Johnathan Nagel (contrabass)

Lights: Ellen Knops


MD301 21 June 20:30 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam 


Made by, Performance and text: Katie Duck

Dance/movement collaborating artists: Miri Lee, Manuela Tessi, Sylvain Meret.

Live Music collaborator: Mary Oliver (violin and viola).

Sound mix Katie Duck

Lights Ellen Knops