-2 till 13 January 2017 Teaching Profitraining at Dock 11, Berlin

-17 till 21 January Teaching Modern Dance technique classes, Seoul National University of Education, Korea

-21 Jan :Performance at Anyang theatre. Korea.  Direction, lights and soundtrack by Katie Duck with Feng Jing, Zhang Xin, Lu Rui, Jin Haipeng, Manuela Tessi, Katie Duck


-6 till 10 February 2017 teaching Profitraining at Dock 11, Berlin

-11 February MT030- Musiktanznulldreissig Performance Series at Tatwerk Berlin with: Friederike Wendorf (flutes) Miriam Akkerman (flute and electronics) Rieko Okuda (keyboard) Manuela Lucia Tessi, Monica Gentile (dance) Jasminka Stenz, Stefania Petracca (dance) Robbert van Hulzen (drums)

-12 February Cafe’ Belcampo, Amsterdam, performance with Katie Duck, Miri Lee, Manuela Tessi and James Hewitt (violin)

-15 February quartet w. Leo Svirsky (accordeon, piano), Arvind Ganga (guitar, objects) Dance: Miri Lee, Manuela Lucia Tessi  MD301 Music Dance 301, OT301, Amsterdam,

-26 February Wonderland # 83 OT301 Amsterdam

-27 February duo wth saxophonist Bo van de Graaf at Salon Lunaire, Statdtschouwburg Amsterdam

5 March Sirena , duo with Laura Lotti (harp) at Teatro Munganga Amsterdam for kids  and family

8 March  “La Que Sabe” by and with Silvia Bennett MD301 (special Women’s day edition) OT301 Amsterdam

-13 till 17 March: teaching Profitraining at Dock 11, Berlin

-14 March: “Augmented 5th” Collaboration project with visual and sound artist Roxanne Nesbitt, dancers Monica Gentile and Anni Lattunen, residency Glogauer, Berlin

-16 March: A 7 minutes duo with Friederike Wendorf (flutes) 7 Minutes of Fame at Stammtisch, Berlin 

-19 March Wonderland #84 OT301 Amsterdam

-26 March Wonderland at Muzikgebouw Amsterdam 


-2 April: short duos wth saxophonist Bo van de Graaf at de Vasim  Nijmegen

-22 April: dancer in a new theatre play of The Taciturn Receiver, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam  with dancers Ana Leonor Ladas, Izabela Pacewicz- Wyzocka, Kay Patru and M.L. Tessi

-30 April: teaching Music Dance workshop with Friederike Wendorf  and M.L.Tessi  Studio Bodlabot OT301, Amsterdam


-1 May: Monday Match co curated with Friederike Wendorf (flutes) Nina Hitz (cello) , Alfredo Genovesi (guitar) dance: M.L.Tessi , Jasper Dzuki Jelen and Dorit Weintal

-5 May :  Vrijheidsmaltijd , NDSM  Amsterdam direction Valentina Campora and Club Interbellum

-16 May : El Otro performance at MD301 special edition at Zaal 100 for the Present is Present festival

-21 May :Wonderland 85 at OT301, Amsterdam


-13 June :  teaching at  Bodlabot workshop series “The Sonic Body” 

-18 June: Wonderland in Alkmaar

-19 till 24 June: rehearsals Musiktanznulldreissig Quartet for “The Loom” , Dock Eden Berlin

-22 June: Musiktanznulldreissig Performance Series at Kallasch, Berlin

-29 June : MD301 Amsterdam with Eileen Standley and guests


-15 till 22 July: teaching dance workshops adults at Buitenkunst Drenthe

 Music Dance Workshop with Mary Oliver (music) and M.L.Tessi (dance) 24 July till 4 August   AND Movement Classes

-29 July “The Loom” a new work by  Musiktanznulldreissig Quartet (Friederike Wendorf- flutes, Rieko Okuda- keyboards, M.L.Tessi and Mata Sakka – dance) at SOUN D ANCE Festival, Dock 11, Berlin

-30 July performance at SOUN D ANCE Festival, Dock 11, Berlin and Atelier session

24 July till 18 August -Improvisation Summer Course See here full programme


-3-13 Sept: t.b.a.  performer in Candy,  a piece by Branka Zgonjanin for Fringe Festival Amsterdam


-3 and 10 Oct : teaching at  Bodlabot workshop series “The Sonic Body”   

8 Oct: Wonderland at OT301 –

11 Oct: El Otro ( duo with Arvind Ganga ) at West Wednesdays


-1-20: November: teaching improvisation course at MTD3 , Theatreschool , Amsterdam

15 October : ‘Sirena’ children performance with Laura Lotti, Teatro Munganga, Amsterdam

-3 November: The Weather: Autumnal Turns, by The Warp at Kunstkapel, Amsterdam with performers M. Tessi, Ana Ladas, Izabela Pacewicz direction Lee Ellickson

-12 November: Wonderland at OT301

-22 November: Wonderland at Oostblok

-23 November: El Otro ( duo with Arvind Ganga ) at Arte Na Sala, Teatro Munganga, Amsterdam

-25 November: El Otro ( duo with Arvind Ganga ) at Vrooom Rotterdam


-2 December: Wonderland at Maarten Luther Kerk Amsterdam

-10 December: Wonderland at OT301 Amsterdam


-13 December: MD301 Amsterdam , works by Vincent Cacialano

     “Eyes Closed Rehearsal” Dance: Manuela Lucia Tessi, Choreography: Vincent Cacialano i.c.m. M.L.Tessi, Music: Jong Kag Park, Film and Animation: Alan McDermott, Vincent Cacialano/“Animation Project” Film and Animation: Alan McDermott, Vincent Cacialano  / “Crescendo” Dance: Vincent Cacialano, Makiko Ito, Iris van Peppen, Andrea Pisano, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Silvia Bennett, Thalia Laric Music: Ben Brown (drums) Lights: Ellen Knops


-15 December: Musiktanznulldreissig Performance Series at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin

-16 December:  Dance 2×2 Music, Gapgap Leipzig, quartet with Jonathan Nagel, contrabass, Wieland Moller, drums, Thalia Laric and M.L.Tessi