2-6 January@ Wild Spirit backpackers lodge, South Africa

music and dance improvisation workshop and performance

22-23 January@ 196 Victoria, Cape Town, South Africa

Moving Arts Festival in collaboration with Thalia Laric, Yanna Romano, Sumalgy Nuro, Leilah Kirsten

Thresholds, performance in the Gallery of 196 Victoria with Sumalgy Nuro, Lucy Strauss, Garth Erasmus, James McClure/music and Manuela Lucia Tessi, Thalia Laric, Nora Hertwig, Leilah Kirsten, Yanna Romano, Victor Malingreau, Kyle Linde Vermeulen, Ché Adams/dance

11 February Koro Koro @ Muziekgebouw

Koro Koro is a performance for the little ones (6-18 months) directed by Makiko Ito, with Marcos Baggiani percussion,  Kristján Martinsson accordeon, flute, voice,  Manuela Lucia Tessi, Makiko Ito dance

21 February  Moving Strings Laboratory @ Splendor 19:30

Join us for an evening that explores and crosses the boundaries between body, movement and space. A peek in the kitchen after 6 months residency of Moving Strings in Splendor Moving Strings is Alex Welch, Maya Felixbrodt, Noortje Kohne – Viola, Camille Verhaak – Clarinet, Irene Sorozabal – Voice and Recorders, Jonathan Nagel – Double-bass.  Collaborators : Manuela Tessi – Choreographer, Yawen Fu – Artist FB event 

22 February Encuentro #6 @Splendor 

I will be performing my solo “The Shell” within the programme. Other works by Antti Uimonen, Adrian Moncada and Irene Sorozabal lights by Ellen Knops. FB event  Splendor Link ..trailer The Shell 

27 February  Wonderland @Muziekgebouw 13:30 and 15:30 

Music and Dance for 2+ and their familyMakiko Ito  direction , Felicity Provan trompet, voice, Nina Hitz cello, Marcos Baggiani percussion, Manuela Tessi, Bryan Atmopawiro, Makiko Ito dance, Ellen Knops lights

27 February ‘Sisters of Mercy’ @Attic Studio 19:30 

Performance: Katie Duck, Thalia Laric , Manuela Tessi Reserve a spot /limited places  katie@katieduck.com

28 February Improjam @De Ruimte 20:00

opening set trio with Thalia Laric and George Dimitriu/viola and violin

25 March Music Dance Amsterdam-Berlin @de Tanker

with Friederike Wendorf, Lucy Strauss, James McClure, Marcos Baggiani/music, Makiko Ito and Thalia Laric/dance

26 March @ Anamorphic studio OT301

Improvisation workshop for dancers and musicians co facilitated with flutist Friederike Wendorf

TAH DAM! and MusicDance Cape Town -Euro Tour 2022


24 April @Barnens Scen Malmö 14:00 TAH DAM! performance

25 April  @Malmö municipality at Barnens Scen 10:00 TAH DAM! performance

26 and 27 April @Danscentrum SYD 11:15-14:15  Workshop (Real-time composition with live music)  co facilitated by Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi , Sumalgy Nuro, Coila-Leah Enderstein and Vintani Nafassi

29 April @ Orkelljunga municipality 16:00 TAH DAM! Performance  

30 April @Dunkers Kulturhus Helsingborg 15:00 TAH DAM! Performance  


6 May@ Teatro Munganga 20:00 Kuhanya, music and dance from Mozambique with Sumalgy Nuro and Vintani Nafassi. Drawing from their unique backgrounds, their repertoire spans from traditional to contemporary including new compositions.

7 May @ de Tanker in Noord 13:00-17:00 Improvisation workshop for Musicians and Dancers co facilitated by Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi , Sumalgy Nuro, Coila-Leah Enderstein and Vintani Nafassi

7 May @ de Tanker in Noord 20:00 Performance with MusicDance Cape Town ensemble and Amsterdam artists

Thalia Laric (dance) Manuela Lucia Tessi (dance), Vintani Nafassi (djembe, adungu, mbira, voice) Sumalgy Nuro (uhadi, mbira, percussions, electronics, dance) Coila-Leah Enderstein (piano)

And Amsterdam artists Maria Mavridou (dance), Camille Verhaak (clarinet), Alex Welch (viola), Makiko Ito (dance), Noortje Köhne (viola) , Raoul Germano (dance), Robbert van Hulzen (percussion), Tiia Veneranta (dance), Arvind Ganga (guitar, objects), Felicity Provan (trumpet), Izabela Pacewicz Wysocka (dance) , Ada Rave (saxophone), Kirsi-Marja Harju (trumpet, voice)

8 May @Teatro Munganga 11:00 Mozambican music and dance for children and family with Vintani Nafassi & Sumalgy Nuro

10 May  @Attic Studio 19:30 performance with Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi , Lily Kiara (dance) , Vintani Nafassi (djembe, adungu, mbira, voice) Sumalgy Nuro (uhadi, mbira, percussions, electronics, dance), James McClure (trumpet) , Camille Verhaak (clarinet)   E10 reserve katieduckmail@gmail.com

11 May@ OCCII 15:30 TAH DAM! performance


13 May @Grips theater at Podewil 9:30 and 16:30 TAH DAM! performance  

14 May  Fratz Symposium 

16 May @Oyoun Kultur NeuDenken 11:00 TAH DAM! performance  

17 May  @Oyoun Kultur NeuDenken 10:00 TAH DAM! performance  

18 May MT030 Performance at Club der Polnischen Versager with

Dance:  Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Sumalgy Nuro, Friederike Wendorf – flutes, Gábor Hartyani- cello, Sumalgy Nuro – mbira, uhadi, electronics, dance, Vintani Nafassi – djembe, adungu, mbira, umtshingo, Coila-Leah Enderstein- piano

21 May@Spielkorb Duisburg 15:00 TAH DAM! performance


22 May @ Journee des Arts – venue see in link Brussels 11:30 TAH DAM! performance  

26 May Wonderland at Kunstroute in Broek in Waterland

26 May Silk and Velvet , with Thalia Laric, Ada Rave , Jelte van Andel at Kunstroute in Broek in Waterland

3-5 June workshop at Buitenkunst Randmeer

11 June MT030 Performance Night @ Club der Polnischen Versager Berlin

Friederike Wendorf – flutes, Hannes Buder -guitar and guest t.b.a. Stefania Petracca- dance Annukka Hirvonen -dance  Manuela Lucia Tessi- dance 

19 June Wonderland @ Japan Festival Amstelveen with Makiko Ito and Wonderland collectief

26 June 9:30-11:30 Workshop Body and Music @ AHK Amsterdam in collaboration with Maya Felixbrodt as part of GIVE-a-DANS festival

27 June 20:00 “The Old and always New” @ Splendor Amsterdam

Performance curated by Valeria Primost- dance and Michael Moore-saxophones and clarinet with Valentina Campora, Manuela Tessi, Maria Mavridou, Anja Sielaf -dance Nicolas Chientaroli – piano Yung-Tuan Ku -percussions

29 June 19:00-21:00 @Bodlabot studio OT301 Workshop Time, Breath, Dynamics for musicians in collaboration with Irene Sorozabal -Moving Strings

9-16 July and 23 July-6 August workshops at Buitenkunst Drenthe

8 and 9 September Tempel/Amsterdam Fringe Festival 

I will be performing in 312 WAYS TO GO ABOUT IT, a work by Marlieke Burghouts

312 WAYS TO GO ABOUT IT  Tickets here 

26 and 27 September @Laak Theater in Den Haag Wonderland, music and dance for kids and family

29 October @Kulturnacht Schwerin Germany ,  Über-Gänge  19:00 Konservatorium Schwerin  Puschkinstrasse 6  with Marie-Laure Fiaux, Manuela Tessi – Dance Friederike Wendorf – flutes

Dance classes in September and October in Amsterdam see here

3-15 December @Theatre Arts, Cape Town, South Africa, MusicDance Performance Residency 2022,