Performances and Workshops

-12 January Wonderland OT301  Music and Dance for children and family, with Wonderland Collectief OT301 Amsterdam

-20 to 24 January and 10 to 14 February Improvisation Course for MTD3 students at Theatreschool, Amsterdam

-9, 16, 23, 30 January and 6, 13 February  workshops Body and Music at Dansdrift , Thursdays 20:00-22:00 Den Haag

-8, 15, 22, 29 January and 5, 12, 19 February Floorwork and Improvisation classes at Bodlabot , 18:00-19:30 OT301 Amsterdam

-10 February Changing Strings | premieres by Moving Strings  Splendor,  Amsterdam 20:00 Collaboration with Moving Strings Ensemble, presenting Increspature  a piece created for them

-16 February Wonderland OT301  Music and Dance for children and family, with Wonderland Collectief OT301 Amsterdam

-14-18 February research group lead by Vincent Cacialano with Maria Mavridou, Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka, Helen Pokrovskaia, M.L.Tessi

-3, 10, March 9:00-11:00 Movement Research classes, Observatory Community Centre,  Cape Town

-9, 16, March 19:00-21:00 Dance Improvisation classes, Observatory Community Centre,  Cape Town

-11 March: Opening Performance Music Dance Performance Residency      @8pm  R80

Dance: Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Sumalgy Nuro, Richard-Dean Sumares, Lorin Sookool, Music: Coila-Leah Enderstein/piano, Vintani Nafassi/percussions, Ben Brown/drums and Louisa Theart/flute. Lights: Frans Mandilakhe Zunguze

-June : filming of TAH DAM! a series of performance and activity videos 

-28 June: try out live of TAH DAM! @Theatre Arts, Cape Town

-16 July : The Shell, solo performance , Theatre Arts Cape Town @8pm

-30 August: Wonderland @Lolaland, Amsterdam

Ongoing Weekly online movement classes, see link for the schedule. one hour and 15 minute Movement research classes. pay sliding scale E 5 to E 8

-3 October “The Warp Presents: Consult The Dust @Kunstkapel , Amsterdam 20:00


-7 November : presentation of TAH DAM! @Fratz Festival symposium , Berlin

-8 and 9 November : Wonderland music and dance for children and family

-9 and 23 November: virtual trio with Eileen Standley, Celeste Betancur, Manuela Tessi @Boiler Room sessions, online platform and Culturele Zondagen 20:00 see channel 


-7, 8, 9, 10, 11 December : Workshop ‘Imagination and Musicality’ a movement composition workshop by Manuela Tessi and Thalia Laric @OT301 Monday to Friday 11:00-14:00 (except Wednesday 10:00-13:00)

-12 December  the Warp presents Autumn Quanta V -Performance of Quantum Suicide &Immortalities by the Borderline Proxy: Jonathan Nagel , Maria Mavridou, Wannes Labath and Manuela Tessi @Kunstkapel 20:00

-13 December: Juffrouw Paraplu , a children performance with live music by Kristjan Martinsson  @Teatro Munganga 11:00

-Music Dance Performance Residency Cape Town

moved temporarily online as a practice , see archive…..


These events have had to be postponed to 2021 or until further notice because of Covid-19: 

-8 March till 1 April Music Dance Performance Residency in Cape Town

program consisting of performances and workshops run in collaboration with Thalia Laric, Coila-Leah Enderstein and Vintani Nafassi

25 March:Performance 2  @8pm R80 

-1 April Performance 3:    @8pm R80 

With: Visser Liebenberg, Refentse Ramatlhodi, Bonga Kwana, Carol Joy Williams, Louisa Theart, Tracey Rose, Garth Erasmus, Caley Garden, Tamara Ringas, Adam Salmon, Richard-Dean Sumares, Che Adams, Selah Joy, Thabisa Sagela, Jessica Williams, Tania Vossgatter, Simo Majola, Bongo Mhlauli, John Cartwright, Ilze Williams, Lorin Sookool, Nkosentsha Tamana, Sumalgy Nuro, Tossie van Tonder, Nicola Elliott, Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Vintani Nafassi, Coila-Leah Enderstein. Lights: Frans Mandilakhe Zunguze

-3 April Performance for children:   @3pm R80 adults, R20 kids Dance: Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Sumalgy Nuro,  Music: Coila-Leah Enderstein/piano, Vintani Nafassi/percussions and artists t.b.a. Lights: Frans Mandilakhe Zunguze

at Theatre Arts Observatory 

18 and 19 April Young Dance Conference in Pretoria, SA

28 May Unfoldingpiece by Vilbjørg Broch and Manuela Lucia Tessi at Pleintheater Amsterdam 

31 May Kling Klang, family performance with Friederike Wendorf, Rieko Okuda, and guests, Dock11 Saal 3 and other locations t.b.a.

-6 June Musiktanznulldreissig Performance night at Club der Polnischen Versager, 20:30 Berlin

-7 June duo with Friederike Wendorf at Common Ground , 18:00 Tanzfabrik Berlin

-10 June duo with Thalia Laric at Mixtural, Zaal 100,Amsterdam

-9 and 16 June Body and Music Bodlabot , 19:30-21:30 OT301 Amsterdam

-14 June Wonderland OT301  Music and Dance for children and family, with Wonderland Collectief OT301 Amsterdam

-3 till 22 August   part of Amsterdam Artists staff week 2 and 3 (10 -22 Aug)  of Improvisation Summer Course 2020 artistic               direction Katie Duck

-11 August Body and Music  workshop part of Open Workshops within annual Improvisation Summer Course 19:00-21:00 Studio 1         OT301 Amsterdam


-29, 30, 31 October and 1 November “The Shell” solo performance part of ‘ La Sol’ a programme of performances and movies, @Mimefabriek, Amsterdam 20:00 Reservation needed MOVED TO 3-7 MARCH 2021

12 November: Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam-with Fie Schouten – bassethorn/bass clarinet Guus Janssen – piano & compositions, Manuela Tessi – dance, Huib Ramaer – speaker, Film ‘Harmonie’ (Melanja Palitta, Fie Schouten, Aspasia Nasopoulou) @ Pleintheater, Amsterdam 20:00  MOVED TO 31 JAN 2021 ONLINE