Flavors & Tones

Flavors & Tones by Yifat Cohen

Music: Yifat Cohen

Choreography: Manuela Lucia Tessi and Yifat Cohen

I am not a story teller,
Yet you can hear my dance, you can see my song.
I do follow your rules, your flavors, your tones
Yet here I could never truly belong. /Y.C.

The current work is based on an original, multi-lingual song, which was written and composed by Yifat. These languages include Hebrew, English and Gibberish (non-language).The song is recited and sung throughout the piece and represents the way spoken language might be a misleading mean of communication.
The performance shows the relation between two women coming from different backgrounds, and the way their relation evolves as they go through a transformation process.
Along the spoken (or sung) languages there are the sensory-abstract languages of body movement and sound, which turn out to be a connective, authentic human expression.
The chair at the center of the stage symbolizes a safety zone, where the individual, feeling isolated and misunderstood, tries to reconnect to himself.
“Flavors and tones” demonstrates how we seek to reconnect to our cultural origins, when we are blended in a foreign society.