Workshop “Movement in Time”

May 26 and June 2 2020 – 19.30-21.30
Place: OT 301 / BodLabOT studio (first floor), Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Costs: €10 single session, €15 if you attend both

Part of  Bodlabot Tuesday Workshop Series   Register: Max 10 participants

My intention is to develop a refinement of articulation in the relationship between movement and time. I like to think of movement in terms of what it would sound like if it were music, how can the ‘dance be heard’ and ‘music be seen’. I find this sense of synesthesia useful to understand the implicit musicality of movement and spatialisation of sound.

Through opening up our ability to sense time through the body, we expand our awareness to the environment and the possibility of a heightened listening to body and sound. Musical articulation is deepened through attending to how we use pause, as well as the quality of starting and ending a pause.

We will work through a rich palette of movement qualities and how these relate consciously and unconsciously to sound qualities.
In leading this workshop I will use a vast array of music that will support the movement research. We will be looking at how different musicians/composers use tone, articulation and rhythm and how that can influence our movement choices.

All levels of experience are welcome

Picture by Lindsey Appolis