History and Upcoming

manu yedo courtyard photo by Filip Molski



The original Music/Dance 301 was founded in 2005 by dancer Alexandra Manasse and musician Colin McLean.

It was a music and dance improvisation event happening monthly at OT301, Amsterdam. Performers came from a core group who also organized the event and invited guest artists to play with them. The main focus was on free form collective improvisation where both music and dance elements have equally important and complementary roles.

In 2009 dancers Makiko Ito, Malgorzata Haduch and Manuela Tessi continued to curate dance performance events with live music in collaboration with ColinMcLean a.o. These events included both instantly composed performances or choreographies. The Music/Dance title remained as a container for performances in which the relationship between live music/sound and dance/movement was at the core.

Manuela Tessi continued to curate these events from 2012 on, and after a season spent working in Berlin she is restructuring the Amsterdam series, giving a similar direction to the projects in both cities.





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